Baldi & Matthys

Tengu Games

Tengu Games is an independent game studio based in The Netherlands. Being small and humble, currently it's being run by Matthys van den Berg and Baldi Konijn.


Tengu Games was founded in June 2013 by three friends, Matthys van den Berg, Baldi Konijn and Bart Stoop, after working on several projects together. One of their projects, Offworld, won third place at Indievelopment 2013.

This marked the moment when they decided it was time to take their projects to the next level. Tengu Games was founded and started working on their first commercial game, hoping to create countless more in the future.


We at Tengu Games believe that games should look and feel awesome. With fun and innovative design paired with awesome graphics we try to distinguish ourselves in this industry.

Matthys van den Berg

Matthys is a 3d and Technical artist, works hard and is a fast learner. He has worked on high quality 3d browser games in the past.

He enjoys to play games from time to time, some of his favorites are Jet Set Radio Future, Borderlands 2 and Guild Wars. He also likes fantasy(Game of Thrones) and lots of Sci-Fi(Star Wars)

Baldi Konijn

Baldi is a concept artist and illustrator living in the Netherlands. Specialized in character and creature concept art. He is a passionate artist who is always willing to learn more and is striving to get better at art. Worked on Age of Wonders 3, RampageM, Armada Kingdoms and several unannounced projects.

His inspiration comes from Fantasy and Sci-fi stories, games movies and series. A few favorites are: Darksiders1 & 2, Gears of War, Borderlands 2, Guild Wars and Total Annihilation.

Former Members

These are people who have made significant and valuable contributions to Tengu Games but have since gone on bold new adventures to expand their horizons!

Bart Stoop

Bart is a Game developer and Composer who has worked as developer on Aces Of The Luftwaffe. He has a keen eye for innovative gameplay and design and has a great sense for quality. Besides programming games he also loves to play and create music.

He loves to play mmorpgs when he isn't busy creating games, especially mmo's like Aion or Cabal. During traveling he plays mobile games like: Heroes of Destiny, Minion Rush or Bejeweled.